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Wallawalla quickly being MAXED OUT!!!

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Information Wallawalla quickly being MAXED OUT!!!

Title :  Wallawalla quickly being MAXED OUT!!!
Lasting :   13.38
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Frames Wallawalla quickly being MAXED OUT!!!

Description Wallawalla quickly being MAXED OUT!!!

Comments Wallawalla quickly being MAXED OUT!!!

Chill Shots
your welcome lol

Comment from : Chill Shots

weird dude liam
4:04 when your trying to talk over the minecraft music when you load in
Comment from : weird dude liam

Mr. Gaming Chaos
3:50 help me
Comment from : Mr. Gaming Chaos

pemain catur
You maxed walla in 10 minutes but with money, i maxed walla in 10 days without spend money
Comment from : pemain catur

Comment from : D̷a̷y̷m̷

what was the hero that literally killed the entire enemy base in 1 second
Comment from : Mensch12

Cameron Baldwin
If I'm going 10/10 insignia empower what talent should I use
Comment from : Cameron Baldwin

SML Tran
It s good
Comment from : SML Tran

James .jenko
How does your Anubis ruin
Comment from : James .jenko

mattplayzyt momentary and more
Those ads tho
Comment from : mattplayzyt momentary and more

Alishbah Umar
what is nane of that hero who destreoyes the base? in second? in this video?
Comment from : Alishbah Umar

1 mil diamond still trying to battle raid for gold =))
Comment from : kaitorsthekid

Valentina s.
1 year later he has over 600k might
Comment from : Valentina s.

zemtex 23
You should play brawl stars
Comment from : zemtex 23

Jennifer Rodriguez
Yes YES perfct vídeo
Comment from : Jennifer Rodriguez

The Flying Donkey
Gonna evo him soon I I my first evo :)
Comment from : The Flying Donkey

Bonnie Mil-Cet
You have 1 million gems omg
Comment from : Bonnie Mil-Cet

JinX Jo
What’s that Hero he used to destroy base?
Comment from : JinX Jo

Wow!!! This was a year ago?! This might be the first video I ever watched regarding CC. Ive come a long way, since not realizing you could level up heroes by sweeping lol. When I first started, I thought the only way, was to upgrade wth books lmfao
Comment from : DkyTaky

ملك القتال KingFight
Comment from : ملك القتال KingFight

Idol Hưng
Comment from : Idol Hưng

Wise & Witty
Comment from : Wise & Witty

EG Eaple
Comment from : EG Eaple

tiến anh trịnh
Vãi 1tr1 gem kìa
Comment from : tiến anh trịnh

I got WallaWalla on a free roll and I didnt know he was good until know :/
Comment from : Dollarsisbad

Khmer Sharing
How to get gem free?
Comment from : Khmer Sharing

Larva channel
Are u hacker. Cause u have 1 million gem
Comment from : Larva channel

Jeremy Acevedo
I was thinking of a pun for leet 1337 and then I go into the comments after 7minutes if clever thinking.... and see he already commented on it
Comment from : Jeremy Acevedo

Aaron Benjamin
how do you get the books after evolving. Does it matter when you evolve it?
Comment from : Aaron Benjamin

Phyo Lay
Playing this game for so long and haven’t max out anyone
Comment from : Phyo Lay

Chronic Symphyi
I legit cannot believe how good you are, it simply amazes me SOMETIMES
Comment from : Chronic Symphyi

What do you have on your Walla Walla now jt bro
Comment from : KINGPIN CC

dj proxy
2:54 +2 secs. What?!
Comment from : dj proxy

Mini Boo
Is that a cheat because your gems is not decrasing
Comment from : Mini Boo

1.1M gems.. omg
Comment from : GastónRed

Lowri Bradbury
Okay like...i made 3 accs I cant log in...im dumb now ;-; sooooo strong waka baka
Comment from : Lowri Bradbury

5 Minutes Clips
I need 200 gems . For the packs . Damn he got 1m gems . Give me some .
Comment from : 5 Minutes Clips

Scarred 4life
Plz give me gems!!!! I need it. My username is MasterKaa
Comment from : Scarred 4life

ShortGammer 55
My single evo 180 storm could take out that single 200 walla
Comment from : ShortGammer 55

rufi Payaman
1million gems omg
Comment from : rufi Payaman

18 million damage?
Comment from : Великий驱逐舰

Tran Hue
Comment from : Tran Hue

He is prolly sponsored by igg
Comment from : Stunt3r

Rian Febrian
Ngecheat bocah ajg...
Comment from : Rian Febrian

Jat Gaming
This dude had 1.1 MILLION GEMS WTFFF
Comment from : Jat Gaming

InJoy IsHere
Comment from : InJoy IsHere

Joren Overkemping
What are those insane explotions?
Comment from : Joren Overkemping

Katherine Lagos
Is he hacking look at gems??!
Comment from : Katherine Lagos

samanta shakya
That you use to earn gold hero. Name?
Comment from : samanta shakya

หัวควย GamerZ
ling dowlode
Comment from : หัวควย GamerZ

bladed mortal
I do not want to be raided by him ps my name is death_killer
Comment from : bladed mortal

gamer VIP
jt for money gold just repet hero trail
Comment from : gamer VIP

sean tahing
Comment from : sean tahing

Samantha Pierce
God I need this beast in my lineup
Comment from : Samantha Pierce

every time i see a your video i only see a guy who spend 100 dollars or higher every day...
Comment from : NewAlexGamer

Ilman Okok
Comment from : Ilman Okok

Psychedelic HSC
How tf did u get 1mill gems????
Comment from : Psychedelic HSC

Hassan Zain
w.tf XDDD
Comment from : Hassan Zain

VS R3aperXx
joins earthquake gg
Comment from : VS R3aperXx

JT van Rensburg
Plz can I have one of your accounts?
Comment from : JT van Rensburg

yo roleando 3k de gemas soy feliz XD y este amigo con 1M de Gemas XD
Comment from : CybordSkil FREEFIRE

KendallAn333 YT
Server Español....??
Comment from : KendallAn333 YT

Korolev Piano
Comment from : Korolev Piano

Miss. Aki
Jt pls gift me my name is LawrenceIvan
Comment from : Miss. Aki

sypher sword115
Get me some gems dang u attack is high
Comment from : sypher sword115

What hero is that...he literally 1 shots the whole base....
Comment from : BlazingFrost05

Rusellandrew Pangilinan
Cheat?if it cheat help me please!
Comment from : Rusellandrew Pangilinan

2:56 :o
Comment from : SlayzNetwork

Give me 100k gems
Comment from : Lord_7oda

How u get sooo good?
Comment from : Bui

Can sum1 help me on castle clash ?😫
Comment from : NaqyHD

This guy is god player
Comment from : JINLEE DIXON

Ian Byrne
I’m still confused as to why he uses purple books on 1 Star and two star, it’s literally two green books to level from 1-20
Comment from : Ian Byrne

Whats the hero he uses to raid?
Comment from : Maku

Michael Gerhart
5:05 “500 million gold”
Comment from : Michael Gerhart

Comment from : XFredon

Best stone skin walla enchantment ?
Comment from : schwarzparker1

İlginç Bilgiler
1 million gems
Comment from : İlginç Bilgiler

Vex Vice
ṭһıṡ guyisgood
Comment from : Vex Vice

ㄚ Ҝ 乙•ƧΛGɅㇱ
Can you tell me who sells gems in castle clash please.
Comment from : ㄚ Ҝ 乙•ƧΛGɅㇱ

Hubble DE
1.102.838 Gems
How much money you spend

Comment from : Hubble DE

Aj Wilson
Could you give me some tips on this game
Comment from : Aj Wilson

Austin theSnyder
Hi guys I made a video showing how I get free gift cards for castle clash, if you like it please like and subscribe m.youtube.com/watch?v=IN0ZvWQTm9w
Comment from : Austin theSnyder

El Brokas
Me regalas gemas
Comment from : El Brokas

Olga Snow
Minotaur Is A Beeaasst!
Comment from : Olga Snow

Free Fire Sr Maligui
Hi! Good afternoon. Can I get an account? I'm from Brazil..My contact 61991007908 I'll thank you very much .. I've written yours a little while ..
Comment from : Free Fire Sr Maligui

Fonetix _cz
Giveaway for this acount?
Ok her i am😂😂😉
No sry, u r pretty good in this game and i want same heroes and everything
Honor badges, books and heroes?
How is this possible
I know one thing
I never, never and again never have this account
GL bro u r awesome❤😮😮

Comment from : Fonetix _cz

Just vss_PW
Minotaurus sounds like triggered
Comment from : Just vss_PW

Chilliges Gamen
Are U shitting Money?
Comment from : Chilliges Gamen

Zach Wittenberger
He just ass fucked all those bases
Comment from : Zach Wittenberger

why u dont use Hbm?
Comment from : Prominenz

Bob Bobb
Can any1 give me a good account plz email me at rb1106211@gmail.com
Comment from : Bob Bobb

Einfach Nick
realy 1mio gems?
Comment from : Einfach Nick

nep nep
walla walla or ghulem?
Comment from : nep nep

Video ends at 13:37
Comment from : Sng1s

Mel John YT
How tf you have that million gems 😵😱
Comment from : Mel John YT

Why you have a Lot of gems
Comment from : Florianishai

What's that one shot monster
Comment from : ItzRasher

You got a fully maxed account so why are you not spending any gems.....
Comment from : Schrubbi_HD

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